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September 17, 2017

It’s rare that you come across a ridiculously talented, dedicated consultant like John.  I had the pleasure of working with him at VDOT for more than a year. John was the Oracle specialist on a few of my projects and also voluntarily took ownership of solving some issues outside of our project work that made my job easier.  He became a strategic partner as we set up best practices for software releases and was instrumental in teaching our software developers in the correct usage of version control software.  He can handle anything from Oracle development and DBA work, to looking at the big picture and planning for the future.  He is, hands down, the best Oracle consultant I have ever worked with and I hope that we will be able to work together again in the future.

- Michele Moore, Project Manager at VDOT

December 21, 2015

I worked side by side with John in ongoing and new consulting engagements with various clients and enjoyed working with him on both a professional and personal level.  He carries all the technical skill and experience you would expect but he is also personable and easy to work with and his assistance helped greatly to balance the workload during his time with us.  John jumped into a variety of client interactions and dealt with them readily handling the complexities of the client/consultant relationship with aplomb balancing the technical requirements with the necessary relationship management and priority triage.  He dealt with 24 x 7 support and troubleshooting along with project workload and some new technologies which he quickly picked up and moved forward with.  He would be an asset to any organization and I would be happy to work with him again in the future.

- Greg Mays, Principal Consultant at B2B Solutions

December 15, 2015

I worked with John extensively in 2015 as a DBA on a client contract that we both supported.  John consistently exceeded expectations with round the clock monitoring and maintenance, terrific collaboration, and ultimately with a thoughtful and detailed transition to a replacement full-time employee DBA.  I look forward to continuing to work with John in the future.

- Dave Woods, Director of Process and Program Management at X1 Consulting



December 14, 2015

John is in the top tier of Oracle consultants in the area.  We contracted John during a time of heavy growth for us, and he was able to jump in and take control of several key clients.  The reason John is an excellent consultant is he has a blend of great customer service skills AND the technical expertise to solve their burning issues.  All too often we find consultants who can do one very well, but not both.  To round out the hard skills and soft skills, John has a strong work ethic coupled with the true care for all of his clients well being.  John gives his non working time to his community and non-profit organizations.  Needless to say, I cannot recommend John enough to organizations looking to add a true asset to their consulting ranks.

- Greg Samuels, Owner and Managing Principal at B2B Solutions



November 19, 2015

I have had the pleasure of working with John at B2B Solutions.  John has been a great asset to the team.  He can be counted on to provide quality service on both projects and production support.  John is dedicated and always gets the job done in a professional and timely manner.

- Pamela Craven, VP Sales at B2B Solutions



August 19, 2015

I had the opportunity to work with John King at Connexions Loyalty.  He’s the kind of guy who puts a capital “O” in “Ownership” for setting the standard on being thorough, the “O” in “Opportunity” in taking the initiative to see what can be done better, and the “O” in “W¬OW” factor – have you seen his documentation?  It’s stellar!  Did I mention he’s an expert in Database Management/Design & Implementation?  It goes without saying his technical abilities are amazing.  When you work with someone like John, it makes you work harder to match his level of skill.  So, perhaps adding “inspirational” to the bucket of skills John has is just one more positive attribute he brings to the table. I hope I get to work with John King again in the future!

- Debra Ragland, Release Management Manager at Connexions Loyalty



March 6, 2015

John is a very skilled Oracle professional. He can wear both a DBA hat and a Developer hat. John worked on several large database and data center migrations during his assignment at Connexions Loyalty.  He was responsible for the migration plans which required significant planning and analysis. John is very detailed-oriented person who brings a high level of quality to every project he works on. He also writes detailed documentation which can be a rare find in today's IT environment.

- Linda Rodgers, Director of Database Services at Connexions Loyalty



March 3, 2015

I have worked with John King for many years and would recommend him for anything he wants to put his mind to. He is very smart and hard working, and technically knows his stuff. If I have a choice for my team, or someone who needs to tackle a particularly challenging technical design issue, John is usually Number 1 on my list to go to.

- Middle Carr, Business Systems Analyst at FICO



February 26, 2015

John and I have worked together for over ten years. Throughout many projects John has always performed at a very high level in roles ranging from PL/SQL developer, to application DBA, to system DBA. I have come to rely on John for his dedication to the success of the project, determination, thoroughness, and dedication to quality. He operates as a partner on projects, driving the technical details in his areas of expertise and helping identify other technical elements and dependencies that may require attention from other resources. In addition to his project excellence John is also an extremely valuable problem solver. Whether it's dealing with a technical dilemma or troubleshooting a production issue, John's ability to analyze the issue and systematically work towards a solution is invaluable. John is a true professional and an expert in his field.

- Fred Hanson, IT Project Manager at Connexions Loyalty Group



February 25, 2015

John and I have worked together in several key projects in last 10 years. John is a tremendous technical asset to any organization. He is extremely talented, a great thinker and technical leader. John always delivers highest quality on every task he touches. He enjoys and excels at taking on daunting challenges, overcoming adversity and succeeding. John is highly respected by team members, customers and management. As a team member or a leader, John earns my highest recommendation.

- Sarada Das, Architect at ProQuest



February 24, 2015

It is always a relief to find out that John has been assigned to your project. I have worked with John for many, many years and everything he has ever worked on with me has been top quality work.  My first work with John was in his role as a designer/developer of database applications. He was always thinking about the big picture of the systems overall and the maintainability and flexibility of the systems in the future. His initial architectural vision of the data model we currently use has stood the test of time. It has been in production for well over 10 years and while we bolt on additional functionality, the core of the system remains intact and functioning daily; still allowing us to not only be flexible about the types of data we need to store but be confident that the data we store has integrity.  When our biggest client wanted a custom solution for their needs, it was a clear choice to have John technically lead that project. His technical designs were well thought out and inventive. John was easily able to balance the need to make sure the designs were detailed enough to be able to hand off to a new resource to develop, but not so detailed where he was actually doing all the work. I have seen far too many technical designs that were either so high-level that they served no purpose or so detailed that the "designer" was just writing pseudo-code. John's designs were a template for what a good technical design looks like. He also had the unenviable task of managing not only on-shore contract resources, but off-shore resources as well during this very large project. It was imperative that all of these resources have thorough direction and reviews in order to make sure the resources could stay busy and productive and produce a quality end result. This involved reviewing designs, code and unit tests. He was able to keep the developers and designers on task and keep management apprised of scheduling concerns. From initially estimating effort to deploying final code, John did a great job with every aspect of leading the project.  Most recently, John has moved into DBA work. Again, as expected, he has excelled at doing things the right way. He was directly responsible for managing and testing a system migration to a new hosting solution (which also involved new hardware and software at the server level). He took the time to familiarize himself with the application and come up with an extensive test plan to make sure our systems would not under-perform after the transition. He completed a proof of concept and kept the new hosting partner in check and on task to make the system tweaks and changes necessary to make our application run smoothly. This often times involved John keeping track of other resources tasks that he should not have had to do. John recognized a shortcoming in the project and covered it to make sure the project would be successful (without anyone asking him to do so).

- Gary Lynch, Lead Technical Specialist at Connexions Loyalty



February 25, 2015

John King has been a wonderful addition to the DBA team and will be sorely missed when he is no longer here as part of the Connexions Loyalty team.  What I admire most about John’s work ethic is the ownership and oversight he takes in continually improving anything he manages.  Whether its suggesting improvements in how we manage a release to the QA, staging, and/or Prod environments or specific project work he has been assigned to oversee (HA Cutover documentation was phenomenal), he constantly strives to optimize the process.  I will miss John King’s insights and contribution to the team/company and wanted you to know the value I feel he has brought to the Connexions table.

- Debra Ragland, Release Manager at Connexions Loyalty



February 24, 2015

It should be no secret that we have been very impressed with your performance and the value you have added to this program.

- Michele Macleod, Principal, Global Service Delivery at CS Technologies



July 17, 2014

I have enjoyed the opportunity to work closely with John over the past two years on several Oracle Database migration and upgrade projects. His pro-active attitude, commitment, technical expertise, and detail-oriented approach have help to ensure success in every venture for which we have collaborated.  I would be quick to recommend John for any project or position which requires a competent and professional individual for such projects in the future.

- David Miller, Technology Consultant III at HP Enterprise Services



July 6, 2014

I have known John for almost twelve years. We worked together on multiple projects. His analytical and strategic thinking skills are one of the best. He is very thorough in whatever he do. John has very good habit of thinking through the task and break it down into smaller tasks and quickly put some planning around it such that assignment when delivered is perfect and on time too. I have enjoyed working with John and would be very happy to work with him again. I strongly recommend him, he will be very valuable asset wherever he works!

- Mitesh Shah, Data Management Professional at Virginia Department of ABC



June 26, 2014

I worked with John primarily on two complex projects. He was as an excellent technical leader, with high expectations of himself and the broader team. He always met or exceeded delivery deadlines. He worked closely with individual team members to provide tailored feedback and reviews. He was committed to continuous improvement of the code base and change management processes, balancing protections with practical delivery requirements. He consistently displayed a strong sense of ownership and served as a valued mentor to technical staff.

- Ralph Jones, Client Solutions Manager at Connexions Loyalty



June 9, 2014

John is a dedicated and reliable technologist who has thorough and deep knowledge of Oracle database technology in both application development and database administration. He applies these knowledge in design and operation support. John is detail oriented and communicates to colleagues and management in a clear and concise manner. He sets expectations correctly and takes seriously on his commitments. In the 10+ years I worked with John, he delivered superlative results. I would highly recommend John for any project or tasks involving Oracle database technology.

- Guangzhi Zhao, Sr. Director Application Infrastructure at Connexions Loyalty



June 5, 2014

John is one of the best Oracle resources I have ever worked with.  He is very detail oriented and very meticulous with his work.  And also willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.

- Laukik Patil, Lead Technical Specialist at Connexions Loyalty



March 24, 2014

I have known and worked with John for more than 10 of years. John is known for his great problem solving abilities and getting the job done right and quickly. He is also well versed in teamwork. He can lead the team or play the role of one your powerhouse workers. It has been a pleasure working with such a dedicated person.

- Brian Brown, Database Administrator at Connexions Loyalty



March 7, 2014

John leads his teams through collaborative leadership. He has an eye for detail, without ever losing focus of the big picture. He is a rare combination of business acumen, technical prowess, and excellent communication, accentuated by high work ethics. I would readily recommend him.

- Lalitha Goteti, Developer at Affinion Loyalty Group



March 3, 2014

I had the pleasure of working with John for a several years. John is tremendous team player. He is very talented. He has great technical leadership. John was a major player in developing a customer application for Compensation Tracking and Planning. He was key to the successful implementation of that project. It was on budget and on schedule.

- Nicholas Donatone, Sr. Sales Consulting Manager at Oracle



March 2, 2014

I have known John for the past couple years... He has been an outstanding resource for our team. His dedication and insight on knowing new technologies and implementing them is tremendous.He was involved in various migration/upgrade projects...and the final outcome of these projects is successful implementation...without question.   His dedication to the work and the team is highly commendable. He is more than happy to assist on any issues/tasks without a question.  I worked with him closely on several projects and found him bringing new ideas to the table numerous times and working with him was always pleasant experience.  I would highly recommend him... He is a great asset to any organization he work for!!!

- Raghavendra Rao Yella, Sr. Oracle DBA at Connexions Loyalty



February 28, 2014

I've been working with Kintec Consulting Services since 1999. Throughout the years his educational delivery style has put plain english around complex technical issues and designs.  Working with Kintec creates a solution oriented plan that enables smother operations with vendors such as Oracle.

- Richard Lewis, Technology Evangelist at Oracle Corporation



February 27, 2014

John and I worked together on several product development projects during our shared tenure at Connexions. Immensely intelligent, knowledgeable, and talented with great follow-up, thoughtful documentation, and a very approachable personality. John asks questions that others forget or don't consider. John balances his level of detail with a understanding of what scope is absolutely necessary within the schedule provided. Without question, I would recommend John and hope to work with him again soon.

- Wes Royer, Creator, Agilist and Product Manager at CSPO



May 3, 2013

I have worked with John on multiple occasions over the last 15+ years. He is a razor sharp natural and academic talent with a work ethic that impresses everyone. You can expect quality, thoroughness and thoughtfulness in his delivery. His own very high standard of excellence is obvious in every job he does. He routinely over-delivers even in intense and highly demanding environments.

- Darin Imbriaco, Senior IT Manager at Connexions Loyalty



January 11, 2013

Thanks so much for your help and guidance. Your knowledge (performance testing and otherwise) is a great asset to bring to bear on issues like these!

- Michael Huddle, Developer at Connexions Loyalty



July 19, 2012

You’re a rock star!  Thanks for the continued progress on Oracle upgrades!  I can’t say enough about how unbelievably smooth these upgrades  have gone – thanks to your leadership!

- Doozie Sparrow, CIO at Connexions Loyalty



May 17, 2012

Johnny… simply stated, you are the bomb!  Thanks for being the best!  We need you -and you come through.  Killer job man!

- Darin Imbriaco, Senior IT Manager at Connexions Loyalty



October 31, 2007

John is an incredible technology consultant. It's rare to find a technology consultant that has the full understanding of business and strategy that John possesses. Hire his firm at the earliest moment possible!

- Allan Young, Strategic Growth and Leadership Executive



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