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John is a razor-sharp natural and academic talent with a work ethic that impresses.  You can expect quality, thoroughness and thoughtfulness in his delivery.  He routinely over-delivers even in intense and highly demanding environments.

- Darin Imbriaco, Senior IT Manager at Connexions Loyalty


more about me:

I am an Oracle database consultant who provides exceptional results from my expertise in Oracle database administration and development.  I have 25+ years of experience in IT and 20+ years focused specifically on Oracle databases and related technologies.  I am proficiently skilled and have proven to handle any role as a database developer, database administrator, database architect, instructor, systems analyst, team lead or technical writer.  These proficiencies, coupled with my ability to communicate at both the technical and business levels, allow me to perform multiple roles and provide an exceptional value to your financial bottom line.  I strive to exceed expectations and have numerous recommendations.

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